Thursday, February 14, 2008


So my temp went up even more today. Am I having symptoms? The answer to that is that I'm not really sure. Here's what I'm experiencing:
  • Stuffy-then-runny nose. My cartilage (sp?) is really sore and my entire face feels weird. I think this is sinus-related, but I've never had an issue with sinuses except for an occasional headache behind my eyes. This is WEIRD. When I touch the tip of my nose and wiggle it, there is a pain around where the bone and cartilage come together toward the bridge of my nose.
  • One swollen gland. Yep, just one. These first two make me question things since I've heard that some people experience cold-like or flu-like symptoms. So is it that, or am I adjusting to coming back to the cold and dry Indiana weather from the hot and humid weather in Florida? I think that's probably it, so these first two symptoms can be explained away. (Things could really get interesting when I head to Arizona in the morning...back to hot, but probably much more dry than FL.)
  • My bb's just started hurting today. Not a major hurt, more like when I touch them (b/c as we all know, when you're searching for symptoms, you feel yourself up incessantly!) So it's not like they hurt all the time, just when touched and especially when I was doing some of the weight machines at the gym and they got pressed. It's my whole breast, not just my nipple.
  • You can see the veins in my bbs today really well. I don't think this is normal at all! This is a really exciting sign, but I'm questioning whether they're always like this and I've just never noticed. But I have a large chest and you can never really see my veins, but today when I was changing for the gym, I realized that the veins coming from my sternum-area are really big and pretty dark. I would have noticed that before, wouldn't I?
  • My heart rate was high at the gym. I don't even know if this is a symptom, but I can NEVER get my HR over about 165 and my trainer gets frustrated, but says it's because I have a really healthy heart so it's actually a good thing. Well, today, without nearly as much effort as when he has me doing interval training, I got my HR up to 173. Easily. And I was winded, but not even close to what it is when we do intervals and I struggle. Hmmm.
  • Finally, when I was driving home from the gym, I kept getting weird sensations, almost dizzy spells. When I got out of the car to come inside, it was really weird, almost like I could have passed out if it had been much worse. Again, not even sure if that's a sign.

So, there you have it. (Any insight on those symptoms would be much appreciated!) I have no idea what any of this means and everything can be explained away. Changes in temperatures, not having worked out for a week due to travel, and I could, in fact, have sore bbs because I'm getting ready to start. But that doesn't usually happen until the actual day I start. I'm perplexed. Excited, nervous, curious, and most of all impatient. I took a HPT this morning and it was a BFN but I'm only 10 dpo.

How sweet would it have been to have gotten a BFP on Valentine's Day. One girl (at least) on the nest did. No little cupid for us. At least not yet, but I'm still holding out hope. Now the only bad things is that I leave @ 5am for my flight to Phoenix and I usually don't temp till 6. So that will be off. And I don't want to test in the am because I don't want DH to have to wait to find out. So we will wait till Sunday when I return. Until then, wish me luck!!

BTW, I'm totally in love with my DH and we're not having a romantical VD because he's in bed with a migrane. Just to clarify. Otherwise, I'd be all up in his business.

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  1. I have no idea about most of those symptoms but the vein in the boob thing is a pg symptom and I have yet to find a nestie have that symptom on a non BFP cycle! You can bet I will be up early Sunday checking for your BFP post!!!!



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