Friday, July 11, 2008

this is a cute conversation that i had with my 4-year old nephew about the dog eating his popcorn:

Me: Is everything okay over there?

Griff: Whimpers a little bit while handing over another piece of popcorn.

Me: Did Kowe steal that from you?

Griff: No.

Me: Then why did you give it to her if you didn't want her to have it?

Griff: Because I could heaaww huwr say please.

Pretty darn cute. He's so much fun. I took him tonight to see a Civic Under the Stars performance of High School Musical (it's at an outdoor amphitheatre). He loved it, and giggled and sang...and ate! Then he decided he wanted to spend the night with me, so now it's WAY past his bedtime and we're watching Ice Age. What are good aunties for if not to stay up late and eat whatever you want? :)

Here's an update on the past couple of days, which really isn't anything...

  • nothing, really.
  • a little heartburn.
  • bbs did not hurt at all, despite constantly brushing against and rubbing
  • more twinges and minor aches in my belly.


  • more heartburn. nothing unusual, though.
  • more lower abdomen pains...still feels like af will start any day.
  • bbs hurt today. not necessarily to touch, but if any pressure is placed on them, they're sore. more like from the inside...not the same as when i'm about to start. i'm not reading anything into it. if they start to *realllly* hurt in the next couple days, i may begin to read something into it...
  • lower back pain, mainly in my left lower back/hip area...could be due to having done yoga for the first time in over a week last night.
  • got really nauseous this afternoon during a presentation in 3-d. had goggles on and started getting all clammy and light headed. had to take goggles off. took me about 30 minutes to recover. weird reaction for me, but again, i'm not chalking it up to anything other than an unusual experience.


  1. Your nephew sounds cute!

    I read your blog and I am hoping for hope for you!

  2. Aww, that conversation is TOO CUTE!



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