Friday, September 26, 2008

cd 11 u/s

I had my CD11 u/s this morning. Yep, me and the good old vag cam, reunited at last after having taken a month off. Oh, how I missed that little wand. NOT. But I did miss knowing where my follies were at last month...or if I even *had* follies. So I broke out my lucky fertility socks from the lovelygorgeoushystericalandknockedup alicia (yes, she's all those things in one!) and those bad boys came through, at least for today!! Let's hope the trend continues!! Check out me rockin' out with my socks out!
So I'm hoping Femara is my miracle drug. With Clomid, I always responded really well. Like, sometimes 3 mature follies well. That was great!! But with Femara, I feel like my follies are different. I had one leader (17 or 18) today, on the right. Along with a straggler (12 or so). Then on my left side, I seriously couldn't count the number of follies. I'm thinking there were 6 or 7. None were big enough to do anything...yet. But, mind you, I'm only at CD11. They still have several days to continue growing! I'll find out this afternoon what my nurse wants to do, but I'm feeling positive.

Oh, and since I mentioned alicia, queen of shoes and keeper of the most expansive and diverse set of shoes that one closet has ever seen (seriously, check out some of the shoes in that link!), I thought I would include a picture of my cute little flats for today. Maybe, just for you alicia, I will post shoe pics along with my sock pics. Just for the fun of it. Anyway, these girls go with everything under the moon. There are so many colors in them and best of all, they were cheap cheap cheap at 15 bucks-kind-of-cheap!

I suppose I could have pulled an Ugly Betty and worn my lucky socks with my cute shoes. But I think I'll leave the shoe-sock combos to Betty.

Update: IUI is scheduled for Monday morning. She doesn't want to let the big follie (which is actually 19, not 17) go to waste. Everything else was at 12 and under, so there's no guarantee that they'll progress. Trigger shot is tomorrow night and then IUI on Monday morning. Weee!


  1. Yay on the big one and good luck with the IUI on Monday.

  2. YAY!!! sock pics and shoe pics, its the best post ever! Except the one that is coming in 2 weeks when you post your BFP!

    Super gold star for taking the sock pic at the u/s place!

    And YAY big follie and IUI on Monday! yupppeeee!

  3. Love the socks and the shoes. :)

    Best of luck with your IUI!

  4. Love the shoes! Good luck on Monday. I will keep fingers crossed for you.

  5. Those are very cute shoes. I hope the combo of the fertility socks and the big follies lead to your BFP. Good Luck.


  6. *new reader* Oh how I love your socks AND shoes. Glad you didn't go with the Ugly Betty look. Good luck on Monday! I'm sending you some good juju!
    -D *ICLW*

  7. First of all, good luck tomorrow! Crossing fingers that one (or two!) of those follies becomes your little one(s) very soon. :-)

    Secondly, love the socks. Ha! And the shoes-I must go to Target immediatley. They're really cute.

    Again, good luck!!!!!!

  8. Good luck for the morning IUI!




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