Thursday, September 11, 2008

computers suck

...especially when they eat your cute pictures!!! This might as well be a picture of my computer:
broke Pictures, Images and Photos
And this is J trying to fix said computer:
lol Pictures, Images and Photos
And here is me bitching about it all:
Fukof Pictures, Images and Photos
DAMN it! I am seriously so pissed off. I thought we would be able to recover the couple weeks' worth of pictures and other files that we had on the computer, but I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause. So pictures that I had hoped to post of our trip to Chicago aren't going to happen. Sh!t!! I had pictures of our awesome hotel room which was right next door to the John Hancock building and had a rooftop garden...those were some great pics! And I had pictures from our Chocolate Tour (which was, OMG, delish!). And I had pictures from the best Mexican restaurant I have *ever* been to. And lots of cute pictures of before, during and after the Cubs game. All those stinking pictures...poof!..lost! I had pictures of my adorable nephews wrestling and cuddling with their auntie. Aaand I had pictures of my first ever State Fair experience and the eating adventures that ensued. Oh, and I got to get in one of those money machines where the $$ blows around and you catch it. Yeah...alll...gooonnne.



  1. I hope you can get back some of your stuff off your computer!! I've lost a bunch of stuff on my old computer when it got fried by lightening.

    PS.... I tagged you!

  2. ohhh crappy!!!! I hate technology sometimes! I try to save alot of my good pics on flickr as well as in a comp file, so if the file goes missing or whatever at least flickr still has a backup!

  3. Did you try slaving your drive?



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