Tuesday, June 2, 2009

shred update

I completed day 12 of the s.hred last night (have missed 2 days in there). It's still addicting, though the second circuit is tough, so I feel like I'm not doing it quite as well as I should be. But I weighed in today and was down about 2 pounds! It's not 10, which is where I "should" be if I was going to lose 20 in the 30 days, but I'll take it!

I really wanted to be down 10 pounds before my RE appointment next week. I don't think it's going to happen. The thing is, I need to buckle down on what I'm eating. I definitely had 5 little snack-sized Snick.ers bars last night. Umm...oops! Today, I'm on track.

Coffee, 90-calorie bar for breakfast
Pasta salad, banana for lunch

I can do this!!


  1. that's my problem...i enjoy the really, really, bad for you foods waaaaay too much :)

    Hang in there! And good luck! Keep up the awesome work. (Now I sound like a coach or something..lol)

  2. you totally can do this!!! good luck!

  3. I still don't understand what this shred is, but I think I need to get one. Also, weight loss tends to start slow and pick up if you're doing it by exercising. Very impressive on your healthy eating!

  4. Good for you - you moved on to Level 2 - I could not do level 2 so I went back to level 1 - I have not lost any weight yet - so I think it is wonderful that you have - keep up the good work.



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