Sunday, January 17, 2010


I am feeling goood!! Like I said on the old blog, after the miscarriage, I just felt like I needed a new fresh start. It didn't help that I hated my blog name. So after a few months of contemplation, I have decided to move over here. I love my new blog name, it's so me!

What's in a name?
Subfertile-Well, first off, I feel a little more than infertile now. After all, I did get pregnant. Once. I still feel infertile, but I have a lot of hope. So I'm trying to be positive and going by what of my guy friends once said, "You're not infertile, maybe you're just subfertile!" I'll take it.
Frugalista-This is a passion for me. Sad, really, but it is. I am a shopper. In the worst way, if you ask J. But more than being a shopper (yes, a serious one...which involves coming home with bags at least three times a week), I am a frugal shopper. I hate buying something at full price. Yet, I want to have fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts, home decor, etc. I love finding new pieces that allow me to create a whole new look. I love the feeling that a new sassy outfit brings, yet I despise paying full price. This has resulted in me becoming the savviest of frugal shoppers.

So what are my goals for this new blog?
  • First and foremost, my goal is to meet more people. With my old blog, I wasn't all that aggressive in meeting people. I didn't comment regularly and half the time I didn't even post regularly. It didn't help that I hated my blog name and wasn't necessarily proud of the content. I want that to change. I recently cleaned out my blog reader and found that I went from over 50 blogs in the TTC folder down to 11, mostly due to those lucky ladies moving to the Pregnant/Baby folder. This made me sad, so I made a decision that I would take full advantage ICLW and really focus on meeting some new people who are in similar stages of TTC. With that being said, if you're new to reading, please leave a comment...I would love to come and visit you!
  • Next, I want to include more posts that are non-TTC related. I want this blog to be more about me. I want to include my fun finds, my volunteer efforts, my love for reading, my traveling adventures, my focus on losing some weight, my everyday musings. All of that, plus, of course, my TTC-related efforts.
  • Finally, I hope to include a lot more pictures, links and posts in general. I enjoy blogs so much more when they're interactive--providing links or pictures. They keep my attention so much better.

I hope you'll pull up a seat, add me to your reader, and come back often! I'm really excited about this new fresh start! And, to stick with my new goal of more pictures, I'll show you just how excited I am:

See! I'm doing a little happy dance for the new blog!
(And, to make my frugalista statement, I'm in my $8 boots, too!)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog; your's is great btw...

    No matter where your IF path takes you, make sure to keep writing about your experiences, we'd love to keep following.

    Congrats on the new format too! Happy ICLW!

    With love, Infertility is the New Black



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