Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's talk fashion, shall we?

The biggest reason for my frugal ways is that I loooove to shop! I love mixing things up, finding new outfits inside my closet, feeling like I'm putting my best foot forward. Nothing makes you feel better than a sassy outfit, and for me, it doesn't have to be expensive, I just want it to make me feel good! In fact, I feel even better when it's a great outfit that didn't break the bank! Don't get me wrong, I am picky about quality. I don't like cheap clothes. I abhor Walmart, it makes me feel all itchy and dirty. Yet I love Goodwill (and I'm working on a Goodwill post soon!).

With that said, Frugalista Tip #1: Shop Often! Might sound a little silly, and with a very fiscally conservative husband like mine, you'd think I would drive him nuts. And, let's be real: I do. But not for my shopping habits (for the most part). My favorite go-to store for really good deals is Target. They're just not afraid to mark their things down and I appreciate that. And I have an unhealthy obsession with Target which may or may not result in hives and rocking in the corner should I not get my fix every 3 days or so. But the good thing about this is that I can scout out the deals. I have my typical route that I take and I know when things will be getting marked down soon. This isn't just for clothes, I love to buy wrapping paper, notecards and stationary, household items, you name it! But I like to shop often enough that I know when something's going to be marked down soon.

Here's an example of a recent very successful trip. First, it was a cardigan-filled day! I have a small obsession with cardigans. I love them all year long, over dresses, dressed up, dressed down, any way!

Take a look at this cutie! When I first saw it, I wasn't that impressed, but I got to thinking about my yellow shoes and belt at home and thought it might work. Plus, it was $6.24, so I couldn't stop thinking about it. Had.To.Have. I like to think that cardigans are the (not-so) new blazer if worn the right way. I even wore this to a meeting where all of my colleagues (myself included) tend to pull out all the stops so they can try to impress everyone else. This usually means a suit.suit.suit. However, I wore this outfit and didn't feel dressed down at all, plus I got several compliments so that was fun for the attention whore in me.

During the same trip, I got 4 other cardigans and a dress. Yes, I broke a rule that I try to stick to, which is not to buy the same thing in every color available. But I couldn't decide between the pink and the green and had the perfect shoes for the pink one, so I Had.To.Have. Also, the other cardigans (including a plain black which isn't shown) were only $4something, so I couldn't pass them up...they'll go with everything. The dress? Cute, right? $7something. And the best part-I almost bought it when it was a whopping $20! (Crazy thoughts!)
This is the exact reason that I shop are there when the big deals hit and you can swoop in and BAM! you now have at least a dozen new outfit options for less than $40!

Lastly, in some not-so-frugal news, I am in LOVE with Addison Montgomery's wardrobe. Granted, I don't think she hits the clearance racks at Target too often, but if I had to pick any wardrobe on TV, I think I would choose hers. I love her abundance of patterned dresses which always have *the* perfect accessories. I'd wear dresses like that every day if I, too, was 7 feet tall and delicious looking. (Um, yeah...5'6" and chubby...notsomuch.) I also love how she wears skirts with very feminine tops, another of my favorite looks.
How about YOU? Anybody that you would trade wardrobes with in a heartbeat?
Check this classy lady out!

Edited to add: Hey, looky here! One of my fav bloggers, Cheap Chica, just TODAY posted about cardigans and apparently she shares my love. (BTW-I voted for the 3rd look. Love.)


  1. Hey Christina! Thank you so much for your awesome comment on my blog. I'm so glad you stopped by because I'm happy to begin following you!

    Nice job on the very chic and unique work meeting outfit. Super cute.

    What a great question, btw!!!! If I could have any wardrobe, I think I'd take Zoe's from the movie I Love You Man. It's very preppy (which is what I'm drawn to), but with lots of funky stuff. For example, a simple jeans and cardigan, but with a ruffly-necked, yellow-hued JCrew top. Love!

    Happy to be following along! xo

  2. I think I wear a cardigan almost every day of the work week. I love them!! I'm really into the long ones these days with a wide belt. Much for fashionable for work than a boring suit! :)

  3. I can't really think of anyone I would trade wardrobes with (mine is pretty sparse), but I do love the cardigans! I don't have any, myself. However, I'm always trying to look around for them. Nothing has yet to catch my eye. (I need a personal shopper!) =)

  4. Oh, and happy ICLW! ( =)

  5. Thank you so much for visiting my blog tonight! I am sorry to hear about your loss. I admire your strength very much! I am inspired by your post to find some very cute clothes at such great prices. I love Cardigans too! I think a shopping trip is in order for me very soon - maybe tomorrow?!?

  6. Now this is my type of blog!!! I am a fellow shopper!!! Can't wait to read it in the future!!! LOVE the title

  7. Happy ICLW!

    I luurve this post and whilst I am not a big shopper - I do like to look nice. I also love Target - I recently had a field day at the Boxing Day sales here (as a matter of interest for you - I bought 4 cardigans as I also find them indespensible!).

    I have had a little tour around your blog and I am so very sorry about your loss.

    We also have a white and fluffy dog - yours are absolutely gorgeous!!

    All the best!

  8. Very cute!!!! I have nothing exciting in my closet...maybe you should come here and help me :-)

  9. I totally agree with this post. Shopping often doesn't have to drain the bank account if you know where to go! I love, love, love your eye for color and how you mixed and matched to make things work. I've recently (in the past year) gotten into using accessories to change things up -- and of course working in my bargain finds. I'd love to have you along for a shopping weekend!

  10. Just when I thought I was the only person who shops for clothes at Target...they have some really cute stuff! And like yourself, I cannot STAND Walmart clothing...heck, I can't stand Walmart for anything!

    Looking forward to learing more about being a frugal shopper...I need some help!

  11. i LOVE target, actually, i often refer to it as the mothership, sometimes i am there every day, it's a sickness really!



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