Wednesday, March 10, 2010

you've got questions, I've got answers!

Can I first just say that I'm so happy to see signs of spring?! You better believe that my legs are shaved, my skirt is on and my peep toed heels are dusted off and busted out!! Life is beautiful!

So, I wanted to take an opportunity to answer a few questions that have been asked in the past few months. I really try to answer questions back on the person's blog, but thought I would share the information here, too, in case others have questions. (If you're not interested in the PCOS/Glumetza talk, skip down to #4.)

1. The first question that I have been getting a lot lately is about my
diet and the success that followed after adhering to the diet and taking my
Glumetz.a. Lots of people have wondered about my low amylose diet
specifically, so I want to give a little more information about

First of all, Dr. Miracles is of the belief that all women with PCOS have some form of insulin resistance (IR), even if they are not overweight and don't show the other "typical" signs of PCOS...remember, this is me...the only thing that I really have is an issue with being overweight (not obese, though) and lots of cysts on my ovaries, along with anovulation prior to doing this diet. This means that our bodies are unable to utilize insulin properly, resulting in (basically...and I'm not doctor here, so bare with me!) the inability to process glucose properly. This = bad egg quality, anovulation, worsening of the PCOS in general.

Basically, the easy way of saying it is that all breads, pastas, candies, etc. turn instantly into sugar in ourbodies and that is not a good thing.

So, the diet. It's pretty easy to remember, but really hard to follow! Here are the rules:
1. Avoid all simple sugars such as candy, sodas, cakes, pies, ice cream, etc. (Basically,
everything that I love!) These are almost pure forms of glucose.
2. Avoid vegetables that grown underground (hello...potatoes and carrots!!??!), bananas, and foods enriched with maltodextrins or corn syrup.
3. Avoid wheat, rice, rye, barley, and oats.
4. Eat a minimum of 3 servings each of above-ground vegetables and fruits daily.
5. Eat at least 6 ounces of protein every day.

I'm telling you, it is NOT easy, but it IS doable! And I did lose weight without even "trying" on this diet. There is no need to count calories because if you're sticking to things, you WILL lose weight.

But most importantly, it helps to cleanse your system, and like I've said before, I ovulated for the first time in (then) nearly 3 years of TTC *ON*MY*OWN just ONE MONTH after starting this regimen. If that's not reason enough to give it a shot, I don't know what the freak is! I got pregnant with Mya just 4 months after starting.

Andie asked this:

"Do you mind if I ask you a question, about your treatment.
I know Dr Miracles is wonderful - I have read about your low
amylose diet, very interesting! - just wondering if you had to
have a glucose test before he diagnosed you/put you on the
glumetza, or did he just go on your previous history and
symptoms of pcos? If that makes sense?"

Andie, to answer your quesiton simply: no. He actually told me he doesn't even test anymore because he sees it so often. So if apatient has PCOS, he assumes they have some level of IR. He also said he has not used Clomid in over 6 years. He doesn't see the benefit and it seems like a waste of time and money to him (can't say that I disagree after so many rounds of it!).


I have also had many people ask specifically what I eat
on this diet and how I get by with such strict rules.

First, let me say that I haven't (for almost 6 months now) followed the diet to a T. I eat some sugar here, some carrots there, some bread somewhere else, etc. I find that if I deprive myself of it, I just crave it more and end up binging, so I'd rather slip up a little bit and still have the amount manageable. But here are some of my favorite items to eat:
*In restaurants, I will almost always go for salmon or salads. Or even grilled chicken or steak. But not the baked potato.
*Peanut butter is like candy to me. I try to get the no sugar added kind. I put it on an apple or some celery and it tastes like cake!
*Lots and lots of fruits and veggies. We have a garden all summer, so that makes it easy. But remember, no corn and no underground veggies.
*For snacks, I love sugar free pudding (the caramelly dulce de leche is my fav), trail mixes (I will even do the ones with a small amount of chocolate because it helps with my cravings and I just make sure I don't have more than about 6 or so in each serving), cheese (string or Cabot's little cheese squares)
*Cottage Cheese
*When I'm being really strict, if I crave ice cream, Edy's has a great sugar free line and it's really good!
*Josh makes a really good dessert for me which is a nut & honey mixture all chopped up and cooked to feel like a cookie, then he puts s/f pudding and s/f whipped cream and adds s/f cherries. Seriously, it tastes like a pie!!
*I love juice, so I'll chug a s/f juice or V8 happily
*There is a winery here in IN that makes s/f wine, called Slender Wine! It's actually really good!
**Trust me, you DO have to get creative, but really, this diet is about getting back to fresh, wholesome foods, and who couldn't use a little more of that?!

4. Next, Kate asked:

"How are you feeling?? I want to hear all about it. What is your
EDD? When is your first ultrasound? And what is this Glumetz you speak of?"

Thank you! I'm feeling really good. I've got some sinus stuff going on so I'm living with a constant headache behind my right eyeball. And I can't treat the sinus stuff the way my e/n/t doc wants because I don't want to risk anything, even if it's on the "safe" list of medicines. I have zero symptoms and am hoping for some morning sickness soon! My boobs get a twinge here or there, but nothing like last time. I'm also tired, but really busy and hectic at work, so it could be due to that.

EDD is around 11/4.

First u/s is TOMORROW! Please pray that there is a heart beating in there!!

Glumetza is actually a medicine for diabetics. It is a form of Metformin and you may also hear it referred to as Glucophage, it's just a different brand name. It deals with the levels of glucose in your system and helps reduce the carb absorption...and all kinds of other doctory, sciencey things. :) But basically, it helps my body to regulate the glucose levels, so it, along with the diet, helps to get things on track. NOTE: Some people get really sick (as in...poo sick...) when they take it. From my experience, this is because of the things they're eating...if they eat lots of carbs/sugars, there will be an, erm...shall we say....adverse reaction. But many doctors don't warn against this, so it scares people away. I, personally, stuck to the diet 100% as I tapered up to my daily dosage and only the first night did I have a little issue. But I have known people who literally couldn't be too far from the bathroom for a few days...but, again, they were NOT avoiding the bad stuff, so it makes sense. I *HIGHLY* recommend it, particularly for someone who isn't currently doing any treatments and isn't ovulating on their own. If it worked for me, it could work for you!!! (And I have several blogging and IRL friends who it has also worked for!)


Finally, several of you asked about what I do since I
travel like I do.

In an attempt to avoid being searchable by colleagues and IRL friends, I'm going to go a little undercover with this. I am one of THESE at a beautiful and wonderful place B.ig.Te.n U.niv.ers.ity! (All of the dots, are, again, so hopefully no one can search and find me on this!) It's my dream job and I love love love it! Essentially, I travel around the country meeting with alumni and my main role is as a fun.dra.iser. I hope that made sense!!


  1. Oh Christina! I am soooo late to this party but just want to offer up my HUGEST congrats. I am so, so, so happy for you!

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post and all of your advice about the diet. That said, it absolutely did not make me ovulate (I never have ovulated on my own, and have only ovulated once thanks to HCG - and she's asleep downstairs at the moment) but even if it doesn't make you ovulate lowering your insulin swings can help with egg quality (there's a new study out on this from the awful diet and IVF where they can evaluate egg quality directly). I am a bit surprised reading parts of your description (I was told NO fruit except berries, certainly no honey, limited artificial sweeteners, etc.) but reading your description makes me hopeful that if I go on a modified form of the diet (I also don't eat meat out which made it incredibly difficult given my travel schedule) that we might just get lucky again (with some drugs, of course).

    We'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best of news after the u/s.

  3. Whoa baby that diet is crazy! I really don't think I could even come close to that and still be able to eat. I am trying to cut way back on the carbs though along with the glum.etza I'm already taking.

  4. Hi Christina,

    Firstly best wishes for your u/s tomorrow! Can't wait to hear.

    Thanks for answering my question (and others). I think Dr Miracles has a great deal of common sense in treating the underlying issue rather than referring every one to drugs they don't need. I tend to agree there must be some form of IR in PCOS cases. Anyway, I plan to talk to my doc about this tomorrow because I think the IR/egg quality issue is really interesting.

    I would love to see the study Rachel is talking about.

  5. Congrats on your pregnancy and wonders of your diet.

    I also had to laugh at the intro to this post. Spring definitely means shaved legs for me.

  6. Wishing you well for your u/s!! Thanks for posting all of this - very informative!

    Still saying YAY for you!!

  7. Interesting diet. I've never heard of that before.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  8. Sending up lots of prayers for your u/s tomorrow! I LOVE that your EDD is Nov. 4th...that's my birthday! We're both going to be getting pretty amazing 30th birthday presents this year!!

  9. Thanks for the in depth explanations, i'm definitely going to talk to my doc about this! My positive thoughts are headed your way for tomorrows big U/S!

  10. Very interesting diet. So happy for your success - Congrats!

  11. this is very similar to how I ate when I concieved D (low GI, Low fat, Low sugar). It works for SO many people, I have no idea why more docs aren't pushing it.

  12. To answer your question I have lost so much weight because of my severe morning diet here! I am basically completely off the low GI diet as not much besides crackers and the occasional slice of pizza are staying down. I hope to get back with the program in the second tri but we will see.

    I hope your u/s is going beautifully!

  13. No one has said anything to me about a diet change though I have been thrown onto met recently and that imposes some changes on its own. I'm not a "typical" PCOSer. If I'm supposed to avoid wheat how to I get my whole grains? What if I bake my own?

  14. Still reading through (work is boring). I will be stalking this page in the future! This weekend I am going shopping for food that I can eat on this diet and I am starting it asap! I start injectibles today, but I think that this diet could only help. Thanks again for all the great info!



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