Saturday, May 15, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA for a while. We spent last weekend in Sanibel Island, FL, attending a wedding of two of our close friends. Here's are a few quick pics from our trip...

I'm not a big fan of belly pics. Maybe as I start looking a little more pregnant and a little less "just chubby" but you can consider this a 14 week belly pic from last week. I am definitely starting to feel like I'm showing a little bit, and I can feel my uterus when I stand up straight or lie down, so that's exciting. But we did want to document Pokey's first official trip to the beach. And here is J's 14 week belly pic: :)And here we are one evening after my friend did her "trash the dress" session in the ocean. Such cool pics from that!
Finally, on Sunday, I got fried. I am an idiot. I let my legs hang out beyond the umbrella for probably 40 minutes. Without sunscreen. And I'm pale. Not a good combo. We then spent the entire afternoon at the beach. Granted, we were always under the umbrella, but I think the damage had been done. Needless to say, I ballooned up and rocked some major kankles for the rest of the trip. Take a was even worse than this after the flight home! (Oh, and can we take a look at the creepy tv?! I think it was a preview for Grey's last week. I don't know, but I do know I was watching DWTS. Not some creepy demon show!)
My legs and ankles were so swollen. My legs were in so much pain that I could barely walk! It was horrible. And we forgot the doppler, so I was so nervous about the stress it might be causing Pokey. I had horrible dreams, it was bad. I drank gallons upon gallons of water (or at least it seemed that way!), I kept my feet up as I could...nothing helped. So when we landed, my feet were even bigger than the above pic, so I called the doc during the hour drive home from the airport. They got me right in and we first got to hear Pokey. Thankfully, he sounded perfect! HUGE sigh of relief. Then we had to go across town to get ultrasounds on my legs to make sure there were no clots. Then I spent the rest of the night and the next day on the couch with my feet up. It's now 3 days later and today is the first day that my feet haven't swollen. Pretty nuts.

Anyway, I'm back and reading lots of blogs. I have a post coming up discussing my first official Mother's Day. It was a truly bittersweet day for a lot of reasons. I have grown to hate the day, after spending the 4 Mothers Days prior to this not knowing if I'd ever become a mom. I had such a heavy heart for so many women that I know had a hard day. I know and remember that pain all too well and it doesn't go away just because you get pregnant. And finally, I have zero relationship with my own mom. That is a tough thing, particularly as I'm preparing to become a mom myself. Anyway, I have lots of things to say about it and will post about it soon.


  1. Ouch that picture looks so painful. I am glad the swelling went down. You do look absolutely beautiful with your 14 weeks belly!

  2. "just chubby"? I don't think are absolutely adorable!! What a great first beach picture for Pokey ;)

  3. I'm so glad that you got to get away. Great pics!!

  4. I feel exactly the same way--chubby but not pregnant looking. However you look completely cute in a pregnant way! :) You look like you had fun but your poor feet! Hope they heel quickly!

  5. Looks like a great trip! Though those shots of your feet make me dread the pregnancy summer swelling that we have in store. Yikes!

  6. Awww, those pics are so cute!! Sounds like a great trip, welcome back!!



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