Sunday, September 26, 2010

the itchy and stretchy show

Oh friends. I'm (not so much) enjoying a full blown episode of The Itchy and Stretchy Show. Not to be confused with this show: I can assure you, The Itchy and Stretchy Show is far more annoying than the one above.

That's right, my belly is in full blown stretch mode. It's absolutely hideous. I'm not a small girl and my mom has really bad stretch marks so I have always known that pregnancy would bring them for me. Heck, I had them well before getting pregnant so I was expecting them to start creeping around pretty much as soon as I started showing. Somehow, with the exception of a few old ones on my hips getting a little bigger, I managed to avoid them on my actual belly until about a week and a half or so ago.

Well, they're here.

Can I just tell you, it HURTS!! I always heard that stretchy belly would mean itchy belly. I expected the itchy part. What I wasn't quite prepared for was the OUCH part! It itches so bad that I rub and itch it raw. Kind of like when you have a mosquito bite and you can't NOT itch it! So I'm applying lotion every morning, a few times throughout the day and usually every time I go pee at night. It helps with the burn but not with the stretch marks. I still have 5 1/2 weeks of growing and stretching, so I'm kind of nervous to see how they end up.

Obviously I'm happy to take every tiny thing that comes along with this pregnancy, but oh my goodness, it's itchy!!

I guess that's pretty much it. Today has been a full blown BABY LAUNDRY day!! I'm on my second wash of her cloth diapers, so after one last wash, I'll be done with all of her onesies, outfits, blankets, crib sheets, pajamas, diapers, diaper inserts, burp clothes and bibs, and even my hospital gown and nursing covers! WHAT a huge sigh of relief!! Baby laundry is so much funner than real laundry, plus it takes a TON of it to make a full load! Pics soon!


  1. i feel ya! i have TONS of stretch marks! it's hard to not itch till i bleed. i tried aquaphor and that sort of helped. what do you use? i just switched to motherlove belly salve and it's AMAZING! i know this sounds like an ad, lol. but really, might be worth trying. i put it on every night before i go to bed. smells really good, it's organic, and it doesn't leave the sticky residue that aquaphor does. good luck! :)

    ~ maya

  2. A pregnant girl in another blog I follow had an itching problem as well. This was her remedy: Hope that helps!!! Sounds very uncomfortable!

  3. Oh how I remember this stage of pregnancy! I was in the same boat as you. I woke up one morning with bloody sheets because apparently I started scratching in my sleep! It's so hard not to scratch even though it hurts. I used Cetaphil moisturizing cream, it's kind of like Nozema but a little more soothing. I would leave it on for a bit and then wipe it off with a wash cloth and put a cotton tank top on. It really worked well and was something easy I could do without having to shower or apply something constantly. And then I had to resort to wearing thin cotton gloves to bed so I wouldn't attack myself in my sleep, LOL! Hope you figure out something that works for you soon so you can get some relief!!!



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