Saturday, December 11, 2010

4 Weeks Old!

How did this happen?! I have a ONE MONTH OLD! She is absolutely wonderful. She sleeps 4-6 hours at a time (okay, more like 4-5, but she did give me 6 hours one night!) and I am really not feeling sleep deprived at all. We've had a lot of adventures out this week which has been fun.

In other news, she ROLLED OVER the other night! OMG. No joke, my kid rolled over. I realize it was probably a fluke, but she was on her belly with her elbows under her and she was pissed that she had to do tummy time (she normally loves it), so she was kicking her little legs and telling us how annoyed she was to be on her belly, when all of a sudden she plopped right over! I was standing up getting ready to take her diaper into the laundry, so I wasn't anywhere near her to help her out. I screamed for Josh and he thought something was wrong. NOPE, just our little girl growing up wayyy too quickly!

Anyway, week 4 has been really busy and fun!


  1. It is amazing how fast time flies!! I am glad everything is going well for you and your little girl!!!

  2. Our little one did that a few times around 3-4 weeks as well and I FREAKED. Now at almost 5 weeks, she's rolling to her side and then to her back, but I also think it was because she was so mad about tummy time that it happens - even though we've been doing tummy time since we came home, lol.

  3. Love it!!

    Aidan HATES tummy time. All of it.

  4. Oh wow - time sure flies! So cute!

  5. she's doing so well...look at her. WOW.



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