Tuesday, January 11, 2011

11 Things in '11

I recently saw The Cheap Chica's post and it got me motivated to post some things that I'm either currently loving or currently coveting. I'm leaving my baby out of this post, because she's obviously the biggest thing I'm loving right now, and...let's be honest, pretty much everything I think of buying is for her right now (so never thought that would happen)! But I thought it was time for a good old fashioned post all about ME and what I'm liking!!

Me, me, meeee!!

First, just a few things that I'm currently loving:

1. My new Issey Miyake parfume. OMG, if you haven't smelled it you MUST! It's delicious. I've wanted it for a long time and was so excited to have it wrapped up under the tree this year!

2. J also got me a personal Keurig for Christmas. I'm loving it so much! (Note: One thing I'm NOT loving with it is the Hot Chocolate. Don't waste your money! Good hot chocolate requires hot milk. End of story.) I've been enjoying a cup every morning and sometimes even at 10:00 at night. J's been enjoying the lack of $$ spent at Starbucks!3. My newest 31 Bits necklace! (Remember my last post about 31 Bits?) It's so perfect. My favorite thing about it is that even though it's mainly greens and yellows, I have literally worn it with a ton of different colors...from the pic below to a blue sweater and even a pink waffle tee since the necklace is made from recycled paper. It looks like one color, but when you look closer, there are all different colors, so they go with everything. (This is a pic from Christmas, not my dog, but snuggly nonetheless!) But it's the only pic that I have of the necklace.

Now for the fun stuff! Things I'm currently coveting... ::drool::

Okay, for the next two, I need to introduce you to these:

They're my fabulous living room curtains. I'm so in love!! We got them from World Market, one of my alltime favorite stores.

4. So the first thing I'm coveting is a storage ottoman. Mostly, we're still working on a storage system for the cloth diapers that we keep downstairs. (Note: One of these days I'm going to do a full blown cloth diaper post, but know that it's really going well and we're loving it!) Right now, they're kept in a small box on the shelf of our coffee table. I don't love that you can see them and the box doesn't fit them all very well. So I've had my eye out for a storage ottoman that will fit a good dozen or two diapers, the wipes, a few receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc. here's one that I kind of like from Target:

It will go on the wall with the curtains showed above. And that brings me to...

5. I also think we need a decorative chair on this wall. Something colorful that will just add a little attitude to the room. Our couches are brown leather, so I'd like something that will go nicely with them and with the curtains, as well as against the dark brown walls. Here are two of my favorite options:

6. In sticking with the chair theme, I also want to find something fun and different to fit in this little nook, our house is an open floorplan, so this nook is off of the kitchen and the informal dining room, which is all open to the living room. To the left is a hallway down to the mother in-law suite, the ds bath and our laundry room:As you can see, the little spot currently houses the diaper bag and carseat, but I think it's such a great little area and want a cute chair to go there. I'm liking this one:7. We are also hoping to do a little work to our bedroom. We painted it when we moved in, but have kept our old comforter (more like a quilt) and lampshades, and just left the roman shade that was already covering the window. So I also want to make a trip to World Market to find some curtains for there. Three walls are a really warm dark blue and the fourth wall is a soft grey. I love the colors and there are lots of curtain options. Here are three of my faves from WM:

Okay, enough of the decorative stuff!
8. I've talked a lot about my love for Payless shoes. Not ALL of them, but they really do come out with some great work shoes. I always have great luck with their pumps and am currently digging these:

I'm also looking for a really good pair of simple red pumps. It's amazing how much a pair of red shoes will go with! I haven't had much luck the past few seasons, so I'm hoping to find some when the spring lines hit...

9. After 9 months of wearing maternity panties, followed by several weeks working to fit comfortably back into my pre-pg ones, I discovered that VS discontinued my favorite cute, the cotton briefs. They only carry the briefs with lace at the top, which actually works nicely with my c/s incision, so I need to do a few rounds of the 5/$25 to stock back up. I think these are cute: 10. I've got a few books on my must-read list right now.
First of which is Giuliana & Bill's book, I Do, Now What?
I also read about The Memory Palace in the January issue of O. I loved The Glass Castle, and it seems to be similar, so I'm excited to pick it up soon, too!

11. Finally, in my never-ending quest for lots and lots of jewelry, I am itching to see the new lia sophia catalog!! I'm having a show next month so I can stock up on some new fabulous things for cheap!

Sooooo, what are you currently coveting? I'm always on the lookout for new things, so please share your favorite Christmas gifts and other recommendations!!


  1. I loved your list and all the stuff you are coveting.
    I love the chairs you picked, I think the YELLOW :)
    of the curtains for your bedroom I like the first one.
    I like the ottoman, we found one at Kohls' that we are using for the boys toys in our living room..it came with two extra ottoman type chairs and the trays underneath. It's so cool.

    I also LOVE payless...love love love them.
    and I will have to check out that perfume. I got TOVA for Christmas which I love and Heiress by PAris Hilton.

  2. I love the spotted chair for the desk nook! It's just too cute! :)
    I don't know if I'll ever make it back out of the granny panties...

  3. Great list! I love love love my Keurig, and I also hate their hot chocolate. It's horrible! And I've been wanting to tell you - based on your previous post, I bought a lot of women in my family jewelry from 31 Bits, and I love it! What a great company!

  4. I flipping LOVE issey miyake perfume. It smells like heaven.

    I'm currently coveting cookware. I want to buy basically 800 of everything Le Creuset makes. Especially in their cassis color.



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