Friday, January 14, 2011

Cheap Dates, revisited

Remember last year when I introduced my Cheap Date Series?
Yeah...that was fun! So I decided to do it again.

Like most years, we have found ourselves with an abundance of giftcards after the holidays (and after welcoming the baby), so we're going to try to make great use of them. Now that we have Wren, our date nights are obviously going to be few and far between. But this year, I'm also hoping to highlight some Mommy Dates (time out by myself, spa days, etc.), Friend Dates (coffee dates, lunch at the park, etc.) and obviously Hubby Dates.

What's pictured above is the bulk of our stash...but I also have a few things I've gotten from, Groupon, and Living Social, so those will be used, too.

I'm really looking forward to getting creative!


  1. Fun! Time for yourself is so important.

  2. Cool!!

    And, this is a bit off topic of this post, but where did you find good deals on maternity clothes (if they are to be found!)



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