Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weeks 16, 17 & 18!

Oh my. It's been a while since I've posted weekly pictures! We've been taking the pictures, I just haven't taken the time to upload them.

We've done a pretty good job of getting Wren into a nice little routine at night and by the time I get her down, and then we get prepared for the next morning, do whatever tidying/laundry/etc that needs done, there is little time to upload pictures.

So here's the cutie pie at 16 weeks:

And 17 Weeks, tell me that's not a sweet face!

And this morning at 18 weeks
(note the wet onesie...we have a drool monster on our hands!):

Right now we're working on rolling from her back to her belly as well as sitting up. She really has no interest in either right now. She thinks rolling over is sooo 2 months ago. :) No, but really she will fling both of her legs over and hang out on her side with her head looking behind herself, so basically all she needs to do is flop herself over but she's not there just yet. As for sitting up, she does okay. Since she was born, she's had a thing for arching her back and she has never been a huge fan of sitting upright so when we sit her down, she tends to fling backward. (Thank goodness for the boppy!)

What else? ...

*We've started using baby signs with her. She knows "milk" quite well! It's a little early for most of the other signs, but the book said that if we start signing to her between 4 & 6 months, she will start to sign back between 7 & 9 months.
*She loves to give Mommy kisses. Usually when I ask her for kisses, she opens her mouth really wide. Nice big sloppy wet kisses!
*She has been really giggling and talkative lately. I'll post a video of it if I can get it uploaded.
*She officially turned 4 months this past week.
*She loves her dogs.
*She stares at our food the entire time we eat. It's kind of funny, she'll stare at the food on the plate, watch it on the fork and then watch you eat it. We're pretty sure she's ready for rice cereal but we're waiting until after her 4 month appointment. At that point, we will do homemade rice cereal and soon we'll start making her baby food! I'm so excited for that! (Yes, this coming from the non-cook!)

That's all I can really think of right now.


  1. Oh she's so incredibly cute! And I love hearing about the kisses - adorable!

  2. She is so cute!!! And so advanced! :)



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