Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call Me Crafty: Quick, Easy Clothespin Decorations

You'll see these when I give you a tour of Wren's playroom, but I thought I would share a quick, really easy and fun way to snazz up clothespins and make them decorative hanging pieces!

This is seriously so probably have all of the items needed lying around the house...
Scrapbook paper in varying prints that coordinate with the room colors, Tacky Glue (or rubber cement, or wood glue, anything would do), and cheap clothespins.

You just cut strips in the size of clothespins... 

...and glue onto the clothespins. I've seen the clothespins first painted in a fun color so that you don't see the wood anywhere, but I didn't really need that. 

Here is one of them put to use in her playroom: 

Cute, no?! So cheap, so easy, so adorable!
Stay tuned for the tour of Wren's playroom to see how these fit into the entire room!


  1. Really wishing that I had your craftiness gene lol...share the love would ya?? :)

  2. @Megs

    Oh girl, I'm only crafty if I can duplicate. Copycat Crafter extraordinaire. :)

  3. Need to make some of these for our playroom. They are perfect for hanging kiddo art! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!



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