Thursday, July 28, 2011

Call Me Crafty: Save the Frames!

I'm sure you all have been there. You move. You pack. You do your best to transport everything safely.

But it never fails, there's always something that gets ruined. Scratched, dented, broken...

That was certainly the case when we moved into the new house. I had a handful of frames that were seemingly worthless due to scratches. I thought they were ruined. It sucked, too, because I loved these little black frames! They have a bit of a red distressed edging and I got like 10 of them for less than $2 each at a Kirkland's going out of business sale a few years back.

See them? Sad, scratched up little things...
I was about to count my losses when my world was changed forever and I discovered Pinterest.
~*~Oooh, lovely, wonderful Pinterest.~*~I had always seen these adorable rosettes on blogs but I thought they were too hard for me, or...Gasp!... maybe required a sewing machine! {I so want to learn to MIL even gave me a machine...I just need to take some lessons!}
But I found some awesome tutorials and decided this would be the perfect project to save my beloved frames!

And, as it turns out, I'm the proud owner of a whole buncha fabrics from Wren's weekly photo shoots! {Yes, I'm saving a good portion of each of the scraps for sentimental projects, but I still have a crapton left, so I decided to make use!} 

I broke out my glue gun and whipped up a few rosettes...they got better as I went, and I discovered what I liked better than not, but it took me no time to bust out a little pile of them. The best thing about this is that they don't have to be perfect! 

Then I added them to the frames. I really like how some of them turned out!
Mind you, the pictures will come out of the frames. They're really old and I need to figure out how I'm going to use them. Some are going to go to my office, one is going to go on my entryway table, and I haven't really figured out the rest of them.

Cute, no?! 

Also cute. I feel like it needs another one or two on there, but can we take a moment to discuss the adorability (yep, it's a word) of my first baby?! 

And my funny nephew. He just turned 7. That tells you how old the pictures in these frames are! But he looks so much like Wren here, and in the one above, it's crazy! 

Anyway, I'm pretty happy how they turned out!
What's gotten you "PINSPIRED" lately?


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!!! I am so going to use it!

  2. What a great idea! These are great!

  3. I love the frames! You are so artistic, I love your ideas!



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