Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cry It Out: Update

Since I did a post last week about using the CIO method, I thought I would do an update.

Let me tell you--it has been a wonderful experience for us.

So I left off after Day 2, where things were looking optimistic. Night 3 was also great. Several people warned that there might be a regression, and we experienced that on Nights 4 & 5. She tensed up really badly and knew what was coming, so that made it a little difficult. Plus her routine was changed up a bit because Josh put her down. Sooo it was a smidge rough. But when I say "rough," I only mean that she did cry...but not screaming or hysterical. Night 4, Josh had to go up once (at around 15 minutes) to do the reassurance thing, and she was out by 20 minutes. Night 5, she was out before we got to the 15 minute point.

After that, she has not made really a peep. We have added two things to the routine--first, we say goodnight to all of her little friends. She has a mobile with birds on it, so we spin it around and say goognight to all of them, then we say goodnight to her sheep (it's a sleep sheep, so as we tell him goodnight, I turn on the heartbeat).

The second thing we added was a bird pillow and a baby doll. Before we got the bird, she was using her bumper pad as a pillow. She'd wiggle all around and end up passing out on it, so I knew she might like to have a pillow. I saw this on sale at Target and picked it up. And the baby doll...oh my!! I wanted to get her a baby doll that she could carry around and use for soothing if needed. I splurged on a blabla doll...they're expensive but it was so worth it! We got Giselle the Ballerina and she's so soft and Wren is totally smitten. Watching her with her baby doll just absolutely melts my heart! Last night I took this picture of her cuddling Giselle. So that is another thing we added to the routine.
So that's the new routine. I am so happy that now I put her down and she is wide awake, yet doesn't make a sound. She just rolls around, looks at her hands, talks to her babies, whatever...but she doesn't cry at all. Our routine starts at around 6:00 or 6:30, depending on if it's bath night. So we do bath, eat, and then head upstairs for books, songs, milk, rocking and goodnights.

The thing is, I've found that she craves routines. I didn't think I would like to hear her cry, but I quickly found that after the routine is set, she likes to know what to expect. Even on nights when we're not at home at bedtime (rare) or when things are thrown off for some reason, she finds a way to get back on her routine. She sleeps from 7:30 (or so) at night straight through until exactly 7:15 in the morning. No matter what time she goes down, she always gets up at 7:15. So the routine is great for us. It's worked well.

My advice to anyone thinking about trying it: be READY yourself. You have to be mentally prepared and also you have to have a plan in place because the first night will be most difficult. I had the site pulled up on my phone and I had my stopwatch on the phone so that the second 5 minutes hit, I knew exactly what to do and I didn't get flustered by hearing her cry. I tried it when she was younger and I wasn't ready--but when I did it this time, I was prepared in every way and it has worked amazingly.

If you have questions, please feel free to let me know! I will tell you that two or three rough nights are nothing compared to having an easy routine going forward.


  1. This is great - so glad to hear sleeping is going well! I will definitely be using your advice...

  2. So glad that it has worked for you all. We finally gave in and starting letting her CIO about 2 weeks ago and it was the best decision we ever made. She is almost a year and I am just now getting to sleep more than 5 hours. It feels great!!!



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