Monday, July 25, 2011

{Playroom Tour} Welcome to Wren's Playtime Nest!

Wren's Nest (aka her nursery) is one project away from being sort of completed. As always, I never think anything is done-done in terms of decor, but when I finish this one project I will be ready to give you all the tour!

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some pictures of her playroom makeover. Here's the blank slate we started with:

And here it is looking in from the doorway: 

NOTE: This post will have lots and lots of links and item information, so if you're interested in where we got something, it's probably listed. If not, you don't need to read can just look at the pretty pictures!
The color is Asparagus by Behr. We wanted something gender neutral since eventually we'll have more kids {hopefully} to play in there, and I feel like it can work with a ton of colors. Right now I'm doing a lot of pinks and aquas (love me some green and pink/green and aqua!) but I could also "boy" it up a bit more if needed by adding some darker blues and oranges.

I wanted to create little "nooks" for her, starting with a reading nook. I love this little spot. We try to bring her up here most nights before bed and we both take turns reading her a couple books. Since she was teeny tiny, we've been able to prop her in the bird beanbag and she stays in there really well. I found it at Target on clearance for like $10 or $15. The green chair was a gift from Grammy & Papa. The rocking chair was mine as a little girl. It's one of a small handful of things I actually have from my childhood and was a gift from my Great Grandmother, so it means everything to me! Wren is still a bit small for it, but I cannot wait to see my little girl reading books to her dolls in here. The rug is from IKEA, so cute and super cheap! And I didn't take a close-up of the ABC frame, but it's my version of The Mother Huddle's cute, crafty and cheap little project. Eventually I'd like to add another picture or two in this area but it's good for now. 

I talked about the bookcase renovation HERE. The car rug is also from IKEA. Josh was adamant that we have a place for her to be a little tomboy if she wants and I'm totally down with that. Plus her cousins are almost all boys, so they'll probably get some use out of it as well. So this is her little random play nook.

These 1-10 cards are from Children Inspire Design. I got them when they were super cheap on Zulily, along with several other pictures you'll see both here in the playroom and also once I post pictures from Wren's bathroom redo (in progress as we speak).  

Here's a closeup of the spruced up clothespins that I mentioned last week. 

This picture is insanely blurry, but it best shows the start of her crafty/artsy nook. The chalkboard is from IKEA. It was originally plain, untreated wood, so I just added a coat of the same color I used on her bookcase (FREE because it was left over from when I painted her closet...). Looks so cute! The black wall decals are chalkboard treated, but I hope not to teach her to write on walls. :) All of the little stools/chairs around the room are IKEA as well.
Here's a view of the other side of the room.  The table is from Land of Nod, a gift from Grammy & Papa. It's great because it has leg extenders so when she gets bigger it can grow with her, and also there is a  paper roll attached at the bottom right so it allows you to pull the paper all the way over the table. The toybox is a gift from J's brother. I didn't take a good picture of the Piggy, but you can see it in THIS video if you're interested. I absolutely love all of the shapes and colors in that little pig! The rug was a gift from my baby shower. Funny enough, it was originally in her nest (aka nursery), but it was too big and shifted around, so when we finished this room I tried it out in here and it works perfectly!
Here is the spot I created for showcasing her {future} artwork. For now, we are using some more of the CID prints, held by decorated clothespins. 

Lastly, I know I already shared this picture when I did the bookcase post, but for realz? Does it get any cuter than my little bookworm chillaxin' in her playtime nest?! 

Lots of details in this post, but I always hate when I see a post and I want to know where they got something and it's not listed! Wren hopes you liked it!!

Also, if you prefer, I did a video tour of the area so you can see "live" shots of everything.


  1. Sooooo cute!! Love the color!! Wren is one luckily (and insanely adorable) little girl!!

  2. So super cute and I love all the nooks! Great use of space!

  3. Wow - I'm so impressed! This is such a great space!!!

  4. This looks great! Love the chair with her name on it. Did you score a deal?

  5. @katie@tulsadetails Thank you! Your stamp of approval makes my week!

  6. @Kelly Thank you! Umm...I guess I scored a deal in that it was a gift from Grammy & Papa. Otherwise, NO! It was full price and probably more than anyone should pay. But that's what spoiling grandmas are for, right!?



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