Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Party

We had our 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Party last weekend and it was really fun!

We kept it pretty small, with just family and one couple friend who have a little boy who is Wren's BFF.

Here's our little pumpkin with one of her carved pumpkins. We used her handprints as eyes/eyelashes and added big ole lips. (Inspired by Jon & Sherry's YHL pumpkin post.)

For the PINSPIRED items, I did several things but (as always) failed to take really good pictures.
Though the pumpkin puking guacamole was pretty gross, I have a ton of nephews and I knew they'd love it. Plus Josh makes the best guac and everyone always requests it, so it's a win-win. (Puking jack-o-lantern Pin found HERE.) 
The 7-layer dip was super easy and turned out cute (original pin found HERE): 
This pumpkin fluff dip was a huge hit. And also ridiculously easy. I was able to make it the night before when Josh was working on the soups (we served a big pot of chili and a big pot of butternut squash soup). Very tasty! (Original Pin HERE.) 
Bad lighting below, but you can see the lollipop spiders I did. (Original Pin HERE.) The kids loved them. Also in this pic are the little party favors I did for each kid and also the apple butter that Josh and I made a few weeks ago (link is in the apple orchard post I did a while back). We gave each family a jar of the apple is sooooo good! Seriously. So good.

So those are the decorating details. Remind me next year to start on September 1st! There is so much more I wanted to do but I ran out of time!!

Here's a pic of everyone in action: 
All of the kidlets (plus my older nephew who is so sweet and humored his crazy old aunt): 
Here's Wren with her BFF, Owen: 
Owen taking a taste of the seeds: 
Fun in the leaves: 
I'm already planning for next year!


  1. Such a cute party!!! Love your food!!! And could Wren be any cuter? So fun!

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute! I love Wren's pumpkin, such a fun idea

  3. How fun!! I may have to copy your pumpkin idea!! I love the hand prints!!

  4. What a fabulous party! I'm so impressed!!!



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