Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ponies and Piggies and Frogs

Can we talk about how long I've waited to be able to put ponies and piggies in Wren's hair?

It's taken a year for her to grow enough hair, but tell me this isn't the sweetest little sprout you've ever seen:

I picked her up from daycare last week and they had been playing with her hair. I definitely didn't think we were anywhere close to being ready for piggies!!!

Cindy Lou Who, anyone?
And this is what we get when we nap with ponies or piggies in,
Crazy Hair for my Crazy Girl:
And just for fun, we are currently frogsitting for my MIL. Wren pretty much can't see the little guy (he's adorable) but she sure loves "talking" to him with her hands-in a nice pounding fashion:


  1. Love the Cindy Lou pic!! I can't wait til Baby Bug's hair grows long enough for play with.

  2. love those piggies, absolutely adorable!! I just gelled my son's hair into a faux hawk this week - it made me so happy!!



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