Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wren's First Birthday

There was such a build-up to Wren's birthday. The weeks before were packed with so much--the pumpkin carving party, trunk or treat, planning her birthday party...it all added up to a LOT.

But it was important to me to put some thought into how we would celebrate her BIG day. I am still working on a few projects that I want to do every year, but for now I will share what we did.

I had seen several pins showing a room full of balloons, but Wren has really high ceilings so I knew that wouldn't work. However, she was so excited about the balloons that I knew I wanted her to wake up to the surprise. (Note that the picture looks a little smokey because we use a humidifier when she's stuffy...so no need to worry, there wasn't a fire!)
I found this cute shirt at Target for like $2 and I thought it would be a perfect pajama shirt for her birthday night:
For some reason, she looks so old in the picture below! Kind of makes me sad! 
Here is a video we took of coming in to wish her happy birthday:

We actually haven't been great about taking professional pictures like some people are. We only had some done around the 5 1/2 month mark with her cousins, and then her newborn photo shoot. So I wanted to do a fun shoot for her birthday. Unfortunately, it was drizzling and we didn't get a ton of photos, but this one turned out perfectly:
Then we had a family day. The only downside was that we planned to take her to the Children's Museum (an hour away), only to get there and discover that they had, just that week, begun closing on Mondays. Soooo...we adjusted and just spent the day exploring.  
And we got some yummy cupcakes to celebrate the big day!
This cute little shop allowed you to write on their walls, so we wrote her a little message. She was more interested in the stuffed animal. :) 

Overall, her birthday was kind of bittersweet. Something about it was so surreal. We actually have a toddler. We have a little lady. A kid.

How did we get so lucky? How did she turn out so cute?
I'm looking forward to birthdays to come, making them more memorable and more special.
Her Daddy and I couldn't be more in love.


  1. What a great day! Love the balloons in her room and the photo you took was perfect!!! She is just so cute!!

  2. Love that picture of her in the basket with the balloons!!! So adorable!



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