Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Very Unlucky 1%

It's been a few weeks, but I wanted to update and share that we received the results from our genetic testing after our most recent miscarriage.

We learned that this baby, too, was a little girl.
Three pregnancies. Three girls. Two in heaven. What are the odds?I asked Josh what he thought the odds of us having ANOTHER baby girl if and when we're lucky enough to get pregnant again. His response? "ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!" He's pretty convinced he's destined to be a daddy to a whole bunch of little girls. And that would be okay. He does the job well.

Speaking of odds, the even crazier thing is that we also learned that this baby, like Mya, had Down syndrome. Trisomy 21. Again, what are the odds?Well, actually..the odds are quite low. Obviously Google can yield a ton of different findings, but when doing research, I consistently found it quoted that the odds of having two consecutive miscarriages as a result of Down syndrome (given that I'm not "advanced maternal age") are about 1 percent.

The very unlucky 1%.
My RE was actually pretty stunned. Josh, however, was not. He pointed out that this pregnancy was so incredibly similar to Mya's, so he wasn't surprised. I guess I'm not either.

We decided upon a name for this baby girl.
She means so much to us and we felt she deserved a name, just like Mya.

Nora Anjolie.Nora means "honor" and "light."
Anjolie means "happy angel."

Pretty fitting for our second angel.
I'm glad Mya has a playdate, but we sure would have loved Nora to pieces here on Earth.

Below are a few videos from my YT channel where I talk more in depth about the miscarriage, the genetic screening, her name, etc. Plus there is some amazingly adorable Wren footage in one of them, so you'll enjoy that!

We are doing well. Currently, the plan is to wait until AF arrives officially (which I hope to have happen in the next week or two) and then we're back on track with TTC'ing. I am hopeful that, like after losing Mya, we will conceive pretty quickly. (Remember, we conceived Wren the first cycle trying after the miscarriage.) I'm hopeful and thankful to have Wren to keep us smiling.


  1. Nora Anjolie is a beautiful name - very fitting for your second angel. Thinking of you as you expand your family!

  2. That is a beautiful name with such a special meaning.

  3. So sorry this happened to you again. :( Crossing my fingers going forward!

  4. Love the name and you, of course.

    Much love, friend, much love. xo

  5. (((Hugs))) Nora Anjolie is a perfect name for a perfect little angel.

    Lots of love sent your way as you move forward.

  6. a beautiful name for a beautiful angel.

    huge hugs to you and your family xo

  7. you have given your angel a beautiful name. thinking of you and your girls. xoxo.



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