Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wren's Mermaid Birthday Party

We had a wonderful time celebrating Wren's third birthday earlier this month! We decided to keep it very small and stick to just having her cousins over. I asked what she wanted as the theme and I got a resounding "Mermaids!" response. So I got Pinspired and had so much fun getting creative with the party.
I will also link where appropriate, but I will mention that a TON of blogs had similar ideas and I saw a lot of the same ideas in several spots, so definitely check out my Pinterest board to get more specifics.
General Décor & Food:
I loved the mermaid fin wall that I saw on Meaningful Mama's blog. I decided to do my own version using lots of glittery, sparkly paper (on sale at Michaels!) and I covered the desk/buffet station wall as the backdrop for the drinks and desserts.
Not pictured, I made an altered version of THIS blue punch. It was so tasty and looked adorable inside the mason jars. For the jar toppers, I just roughly drew some circles onto scrapbook paper and then laminated so the liquid wouldn't make the tops soggy.

These clam cookies were so easy. I got the swirl cookies from, of all places, the Dollar Store, and they were actually really good! I used a premade tub of icing, my pastry tube, and some white Sixlets that I got at Party City for the pearls.

I was so pleased with the cake! When I went into the bakery, I had 2 ideas in my mind. One was a cake that looked like the fin wall, similar to Mindful Mama's, and the other was an ombre cake made to look like waves. As luck would have it, the bakery had one of the ombre ones on display and I loved it! I didn't want to cut it! I added a starfish that I got at Michael's, and before we sang to Wren, we added a blonde mermaid to look like the birthday girl. I made the mermaids with some leftover sparkly paper the Life is a Beach Cricut Cartridge.

When I asked Wren what kind of cake she wanted, she didn't care except to say that she wanted pink. You can see her pleased little face when she saw that it was, in fact, PINK on the inside!
We had "Mermaid Munchies" of Saltwater Taffy and coral-esque rock candy. We also made "Sea Turtles" that were the simple Pretzel-Rolo-Pecan turtles that are so easy and so incredibly delicious.

We also served "Seashell Pasta Salad," "Chicken Salad of the Sea," which was Josh's homemade chicken salad, and "Crablegs and Seaweed" veggies and dip.

 The first activity was one I didn't see on any other blogs, but it was really fun for all of the kids. All of the parents were nervous about paint on our carpet, but I wasn't worried about that. It was all washable and we didn't have any issues.

Since all but 1 of Wren's cousins are boys, I didn't want everything to be too princess-ish and girly. I wanted the boys to have fun, too, so I decided to get a treasure chest for everyone that they could decorate and then they could go searching for treasure.
I set everything up on Wren's craft table from her playroom. It is low to the ground so we didn't have to worry about chairs for all of the kids. I got a variety of treasure chests (using coupons from Michaels and Hobby Lobby), put lots of paint, Do A Dot Markers, Crayola markers, and some "jewels" that I got in the dollar section of Joann's for the kids to glue on. 

Then when they were done decorating their treasure chests, it was time to go hunt for treasure! This beautiful trunk is one that my Papaw got for me at an auction, and it was the perfect prop for their treasure. I got the sequined fabric at Joann's, and then we added Ring Pops, pearl necklaces, eye patches, Trader Joe's gold coins, candy necklaces, and some huge diamonds and a crown that Josh found. I loved how this turned out, but I didn't get a great picture of what was inside. (If you check out my vlog, you'll see a better view of what is inside.)

We also played "Pin the Fin," which was an free download that I found from the Parties and Patterns blog. What's a birthday party without some sort of "Pin" game?!

Here it is with the fins after everyone had a turn.

This is the best picture I got of Wren's adorable skirt. (Is there a toddler on the planet who actually poses for pictures? Because my girl wasn't having any of it!)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Wicked Cute Kidz Etsy shop. She was great to work with and shipped this out so quickly! It couldn't be more adorable.
And baby sister got in the mermaid spirit, too!
I think that's it! If you'd like to see more, check out my vlog about the party here:


  1. Super cute!! I bet she just loved it! Glad to see you back blogging again!!

  2. Wonderful pictures! The whole party theme and decoration is amazing I must say. Those candies and muffins are cute. Undoubtedly, planning a kid’s birthday party is always a fun thing to do, but it takes a lot of arrangement and preplanning in order to execute it. However, appropriate decoration, food, theme, exciting games, and fun-loving activities can actually make the whole party happening and entertaining.

  3. You are so creative, and your daughter seemed to have the time of her life. My favorite was the sea shell pasta salad. Pasta salad is one of my favorite dishes to make.



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