Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Perfect Gift for a New Big Sister

I received a complimentary copy of Wren's book from I See Me! to facilitate this review.
All opinions expressed are my own and I am not being compensated for my review.

As I was preparing Wren's Big Sister gift, the one that we would give her upon the arrival of her baby sister, I really wanted something that would be personalized just for her and help us instill a sense of pride in her for her exciting new role as Big Sister.

The star of the show in her Big Sister care package was this beautifully illustrated I See Me! Personalized Book: 

Naturally, we chose, "The Super, Incredible Big Sister," book. The great thing about this book is that it is completely customizable and allows you to indicate whether the new baby is a boy or a girl, and you can even include the names of both Big Sister and the new baby. Obviously they also make this in a version for a big brother.

As you can see, the pages are illustrated in a way that is not only really appealing to a little one, but there are also a lot of conversation starters on each page. You can see lots of different little kids in the picture below, and Wren quickly found the little blonde girl and concluded very quickly that it was her in the picture!

The story itself is very simple but also really sweet. One thing that we have made a point to do since Piper arrived was to remind Wren often how much her baby sister loves her. We talk about how funny Piper thinks she is, how much she loves to watch her sing and dance, and how she can't wait to grow up to be big enough so they can play together. We want Wren to be proud of Piper and also proud of herself for being a great Big Sister, and this book really reiterates that focus for us. 

With a high quality hardback cover, and 20 pages full of beautiful, whimsical illustrations, I could not be more pleased with this book. Wren is a big fan as well!

As a momma who has not taken the "normal" approach to names, I am fully aware that we will never be able to walk into a store and find a book or a pencil or a shirt with my girls' names on it. I love that I See Me! offers many great products that can be personalized just for my girls.

I See Me! offers a plethora of personalized books for every occasion...holidays, adoption, back to school, birthdays, and more. Some of my personal favorites are "The Very Important Preschooler," and the classic, "Who Loves Me? Personalized Book." I love that they offer a full tour of each book so that you can see how and where they are individually personalized, and so that you can read the story in its entirety.

They don't stop just at personalized books though! There is also a great selection of puzzles, growth charts, stickers, coloring books, placemats, and more! I've already got my eye on this adorable lunchbox for when Wren starts preschool, and I think this personalized coloring book is going to go perfectly in Wren's Easter basket!

I can't say enough great things about I See Me! While the price point is certainly an investment, the way I look at it is that these are items Wren (and Piper) will have for years to come. I don't ever foresee myself getting rid of Wren's Big Sister book. It's something that I will save for her forever!

I would highly recommend signing up for the I See Me! Newsletter, which you will be prompted to do if you head over to their website. They are always offering fun promotions, discounts, and coupon codes, so if you have your eye on anything for the special little one in your life, definitely get on their mailing list and watch for a deal! They also have special promotions on their Facebook page that are just for Facebook fans, so head over there as well.
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