Experience in Choosing a Baby Towel

Experience in Choosing a Baby Towel

Towels for babies of unknown origin appear much on the market today. These items are sold publicly in markets, shops. Even in big supermarkets with much cheaper prices compared with genuine goods.

How to choose a baby towel for good

Baby towels made of cotton or soft cotton. It is very safe for baby’s skin, ensures that your baby will always feel most comfortable and comfortable. Always healthy and safe baby is the greatest desire of any mother. That is why mothers need to consider carefully and carefully when deciding to choose baby products, especially towels. Not everyone knows these towels often contain a lot of dyes. Toxic detergents that irritate and hurt when in contact with the baby’s skin, making them uncomfortable, itchy. If not treated in time, they can very serious.

With reputable brands specializing in providing baby utensils with higher prices but with guaranteed quality and safety for babies.
To have the best choice, mothers should know that the baby towels are of good quality. When felt by hand, they will feel soft and smooth. After a short period of use, the fibers did not come loose or coarse. A few other signs that mothers can easily recognize when washing baby towels, towels fading, fabrics falling in one direction, this is a sign of poor quality towels. The main color is the color that the manufacturer uses in the production process, which is extremely toxic to the baby’s skin.

Choose a towel with the right fabric

Mom should choose baby towels with material made of cotton or soft cotton, with good absorbency to help baby’s skin dry quickly after each bath. Depending on the economic conditions of each family, mothers should choose the right towel for them. If the economy is limited, the mother can choose a towel made from synthetic fiber, domestically produced, which is quite safe for the baby’s skin but at an affordable price.

Choose baby towels suitable for the weather

With hot weather in the summer, mothers should choose a cool towel that gives the baby a comfortable and comfortable feeling when using and a bucket towel for the baby is the ideal choice that many mothers believe to use. . This is a thin, light towel made from 100% cotton, with good absorbency and high durability. Mom will easily absorb water after bathing the baby without worrying about scratches or damage to the baby’s skin.

When winter comes, the weather is cold, mothers should choose cotton towels or bath towels for the baby. Cotton towels with soft cotton bring warmth with fast absorbency to help mothers quickly dry the baby. The caped bath towel is ideal for quickly drying the whole body and keeping the child’s body warm.

Some notes mothers need to know when using towels for babies

After using towels , mothers should wash them thoroughly and then dry them in the sun to kill bacteria lurking in each fabric. Absolutely do not dry baby towels in the bathroom or wet places. Because this will be the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. At the same time, towels after soaking must be washed immediately, should not soak for too long because they will quickly rot, but the towels are easy to mold, not safe for the baby to use.

Towels usually have a shelf life of about 3 months, after that, mothers should change towels for babies. If the towel has a musty smell, has stains or the fibers are peeling, you should also change another towel to ensure your baby’s health.

For newborn babies, especially in cold weather, after the mother has finished bathing the baby, it is necessary to quickly dry herself with a towel or cotton towel and warm the baby so that the baby does not get cold. If you do not dry quickly, your baby is very susceptible to colds or very dangerous respiratory infections. So, before taking the baby to bathe, mothers need to prepare in advance necessary items such as clothes, body towels, baby face towels, warm robes. With cotton or soft cotton material, very safe for baby’s skin, ensuring that your baby will always feel most comfortable and comfortable.

The baby towel must ensure the following standards: softness, fast absorbency so that the baby does not get cold because of standing water on the body, the color of the towel does not fade, not to be licked to prevent the baby from inhaling or sucking. must be bristled, easy to squeeze water when drying, towels have many diverse color designs.