Fall Family Day

Fall Family Day

Last Tuesday, I took the day off so that we could have a fun family day. We packed a picnic and headed to an apple orchard. The weather was beautiful!

Wren enjoyed her packed lunch. I don’t know why but the way she’s sitting here makes me sad–like she’s such a little girl, not a baby anymore!

Fall Family Day Fall Family Day

Her little sandwich bits weren’t good enough–she loves to take bites out of anything she can!
Such a little priss with those hands! Fall Family Day Fall Family Day

After a few trips down the slide and lots of yummy food, we headed out to the orchard.
Unfortunately, we hit the very end of the season here in Indiana, so the trees were pretty well picked over. Josh’s family had gone the week before and gotten some good apples, so we are really glad we get this little trip in before it was too late.

Here’s Wren sizing up the opportunities: Fall Family DayAnd here she is on one of her many taste tests:  Fall Family DayWe were thankful for a fun family day.
The weather was beautiful. The sun was shining.
Memories were made.
We look forward to doing this again next year, only we’ll go earlier.
We always go to a tasty winery with a huge apple orchard, so I think we might try that one next year. Fall Family DayAs I write this, there is a huge batch of apple butter cooking. The house smells amazing. {We used THIS recipe.}
Next up, I’m planning these delicious lovelies from The Pioneer Woman: Fall Family Day

Can we say droooooool?
Speaking of Apple Picking, my friend Carla just posted a VIDEO of her family day at the orchard. They picked 120 pounds of apples. That’s BANANAS!!
But the reason I mentioned Carla is that she is currently sooooo close to being in the Top 10–she’s currently ONE vote away (!!), for Parents Magazine’s Best All-Around Mom Blog. She blogs over at The Bubblelush, and has funny, witty, sweet things to say about life as a mom. She also has PCOS and struggled with infertility before welcoming her perfect genius daughter, Hannah.
If you haven’t visited her blog yet, check it out! Also, please head HERE and throw a vote her way. {BUT act quickly, I’m pretty sure voting ends SOON!!} I think it would be freaking amazeballs to have someone from the infertility/SAIF community represented among the winners of Parents’ contest.