How to Make Baby Talk Faster

How to Make Baby Talk Faster

The situation of children with speech delay is not a rare problem in life today. However, in some cases the child’s delayed learning of speech is not temporary but it may be a manifestation of one of the body’s pathologies. Therefore, parents need to understand and identify the causes of speech delay in children.

How is a child considered slow to speak?

Speech is the means of communication through sound between people or people with animals. Through words, people can express their thoughts and desires to the other person. Children who are slow to speak can understand that their speech is slower than other children of the same age even though their speech development still takes place in the normal order.

Usually, by birth, babies can start getting used to sounds and sounds. By around 3 to 4 years of age, children will begin to practice speaking. At this time, the ba

Signs identify slow speech in children through each age

Currently, children with speech delays appear quite common. Babies with speech disabilities can easily be found in everyday life. However, to understand the cause as well as identify the baby slowly speaking need a process that can be affirmed. Some signs of delayed speech and age that parents should pay attention to include:

7-month-old babies

After about 3 to 4 months of age, babies begin to make inaudible sounds such as a growl. However, for children who show signs of slow speech, they do not make a sound. If there are just the grunt sounds and absolutely no imitation of other sounds. In particular, babies do not have reactions to sounds and strong noises.

Babies 12 months old

When children are 12 months old but they still do not learn to speak, do not make any sound like mom or grandmother, dad, … Besides, children do not want to communicate with people around and there is no reaction Respond to being called by another person. This is a sign of a child with slow speech and a risk of autism. If children have these signs, parents need to pay more attention and care.

Babies 24 months old

Children begin to speak but their vocabulary is very little. Most babies will only speak a few simple sentences and not exceed 15 words in a sentence. Children rarely talk and interact with people except in emergencies. In addition, children will not be able to understand what you say is too long or not aware of what you are trying to convey.

3-year-old children

Children are still in a state of speech, often stuttering, difficult to pronounce words that make people in the family unable to understand words spoken. They cannot match or understand questions. When children are in an environment with many other children, they tend to cower and be afraid to communicate. Always try to cling to one parent.

4-year-old children

For normal children and at this stage, they are able to communicate fluently, clearly and understand almost all questions of adults. However, for children who are slow to speak, most young consonants still cannot pronounce clearly. Cannot use proper pronouns.

If at this age, the child still has the above signs, it can be confirmed that your baby has a speech delay in children.

The cause of delayed speech in children

Delayed speaking in children can stem from many different causes. In some cases, children with speech delay are temporary and can be overcome with the support and care of parents. However, there are also a few causes due to illness or psychology that makes the baby slow to speak compared to normal.

The cause comes from pathology

When a child has unfortunate problems such as: ear, nose, throat organs have congenital problems, problems of the brain, etc.These are indirect causes of the baby’s condition. delayed speech compared to normal developmental children.

The cause comes from psychology

While in the developmental and cognitive stages, the baby is abandoned or does not receive the attention from parents. In addition, a baby suffering from a big shock that has serious psychological effects can also be a cause for children with delayed speech.

Children with autism

When a child develops a delay in speaking, it can also be a sign of the child’s autism spectrum disorder. This syndrome makes children not want to communicate or learn everything around them. However, this is only one small cause of speech delay in children.

How to overcome slow speech in children effectively

As we mentioned above, children with delayed speech may be due to temporary or pathological causes. Depending on the cause, we will have different methods to overcome the baby’s speech delay.

Take your child to see a doctor to find out why

First of all, in order to find the cause of the child’s speech delay, we need to take him to the doctor. Taking children to reputable medical facilities for examination will help identify more precisely the causes of delayed speech. This will help parents get the most appropriate treatment for children.

Care and teach children to learn to speak every day

For children who are slow to speak, the care and special care from parents are extremely important factors. Parents need to exchange often, talk with children more. When children are in the stage of speaking, parents need to teach them to pronounce simple and accurate sounds. Talking with your baby with both sounds and action gestures will help your child absorb it faster and more effectively.

Besides, you can read books or tell stories to children in their free time or in the evening before they go to bed. Change the environment, objects, decorations to stimulate baby’s learning and learning. Minimize the amount of children sitting and watching TV alone and too much every day.

Take children to the play area, where many friends

Besides caring and teaching children to practice speaking, taking children out and interacting with their peers is extremely necessary. When children often interact with other children, they will become more confident and confident. Moreover, this is also a good condition for children to develop their language skills.