How to Teach a Child to Pedal a Tricycle

How to Teach a Child to Pedal a Tricycle

Tricycle might seem to you a simple task to do; however, it can be much more than for your toddler. Teaching tot how to ride and peddle a tricycle isn’t that hard; all you need is to practice some patience. Just like other simple tasks of the day that you have successfully managed to teach your tot pedaling or riding a tricycle can be learned easily as well.

We are here assisting you with the primary guide discussing how to teach your tot to pedal a tricycle. If you are keen to learn about it with the best toddler tricycle with push handle, continue reading the article until the end.

How to teach to peddle tricycle to tot?

How to Teach a Child to Pedal a Tricycle

When your tot is 38 to 40 months old, then your tot can surely manage to learn to ride a tricycle as they have developed their motor skills along with limb and height that can help them to learn about how to peddle.

Step 1

The primary step is to make them sit into the seat of the chair. Now you need to show them how to ride so that you need to kneel down with extended arms and finger upwards where your palms are facing your hand. While you are doing this, ask them to intimidate you as children love pretending as their parents and make a push against hands with feet. At first, they might be scared of trying it on the tricycle, but giving them assurance with your smile can help them to learn as they know you got their back.

Step 2

Another thing that you need to practice is to push back against his feet with hands one after another. Here you can pat their back, indicating them to push where they would push their feet against your hands. With easy stimulation and intimidating practices, you can make them learn about the pedaling motion of a tricycle. As they would be acquainted with pedaling motion. Then the fear of falling would decrease, and tot would learn about pedaling motion and how a tricycle moves.

Step 3

Once you have taught how to move a tricycle, then you can make them comprehend about riding solo without your assistance. For this, keeping the right hand on their shoulder and asking them to move the tricycle ahead with pedaling that they have learned before would be easy for them to practice and ride a tricycle on their own. Everyday practice can make them learn about the pedaling motion, coordination, taking care of hurdles ahead of them, and practicing sheer movement.

Step 4

It is essential to practice complete safety while making your tot ride their first tricycle ride on their own so properly fitting elbow pads and knee pads along with regulation tricycle helmet on tot. Make sure that pads aren’t misfit as they wouldn’t be helpful in any way. A helmet will prevent their head along with chin to protect from being scratched at the surface while riding.

Step 5

Here is simple, and the last step is to adjust for the seat of tricycle and make your tot sit on a tricycle for a ride. A wrench can be added if required until the leg isn’t fully extended.

Hence, this is an easy guide for teaching your tot to teach how to peddle and make their ride their first tricycle. It is better to get them the best toddler tricycle with push handle as feeling comfortable on tricycle would make them more inclined to learn how to ride it.

Essential for buying tricycles for a tot!

How to Teach a Child to Pedal a Tricycle

Buying toddler stuff is an easy yet difficult practice to perform as you are provided with a larger variety. Here is a listing to buy your tot best toddler tricycle with a push handle that can assist them in riding.

Smooth movement

The primary thing to consider is the smooth movement of a tricycle. While riding tricycle tot already have to hassle with coordination, balancing, and movement, so make sure movement isn’t too hard. Several new tricycles are hard to move and require a lot of strength that wouldn’t be suitable for tot at all, but they would get fed up of tricycle.


When you are getting your tot tricycle for the first time, then consider starting with a lightweight tricycle that can provide ease during movement. Lightweight tricycles are helpful in easy ahead movement. Pedaling motion is easily learned over lightweight tricycles so once tot get to learn pedaling motion then consider buying them heavyweight tricycle that is durable for your toddler everyday practice or riding sessions.

Suitable for height

Height of the toddler is a primary thing that one needs to consider for if their limbs are getting too stretched, then wouldn’t take a chance to ride it. It is better to get a tricycle that is suitable for your toddler height; neither it is heightened or shortened.


Last but not least, comfort is primary, so make sure the seat and back of the tricycle are comfortable enough for sitting of a toddler. Any sort of discomfort while sitting would eventually make them fall as they would be less concentrated over the pedaling movement but on the seat. Hence, a seat must be comfortable enough for the child.

So, these are some of the mere but primary aspects at the same time that are essential to consider while buying tricycles for the toddler.

The summary

From the details stated in the article. Iit is easy to comprehend how to teach your tot to ride a tricycle. A toddler is notorious, and making them learn everything at one stroke isn’t really easy, so you have to hassle through the process surely. But that’s what parenthood is all about. In addition, with the simple steps stated above. You can make your tot learn how to ride the best toddler tricycle with push handle without any assistance.

With everyday practice, then learn to ride and balance their tricycle easily. So with initial support, they would develop interest and try to make it on their own. You can certainly review the details outlined in the article.