Pumpkin Patch Kid

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Before we head into this photo-filled blog post, let me share two things.
1. I’m working on rolling my blog over to a .com. At the risk of losing some readers, I think I will be happier in the long run. I’m still going to be using blogger, but there are some issues with running 2 blogs, this one and my IRL blog, under the same email. And after talking with my buddy, Jill, I think it’s the right move. Also, look for a new and improved look to come! I’m working with an amazing lady and can’t wait to see how things go!
2. I want to just acknowledge and apologize for my lack of “real” (read: non-Pinterest) posts. I am falling short on time, as always. It’s tough to maintain this blog, my IRL blog (I just updated that from a trip back in May. Seriously!?), and my YT channel. All on top of my real life obligations. BUUUUTTT…I still want to apologize. I love this blog. It’s one of my real hobbies. I miss it, I have a list of posts I want to write. I also miss filling you guys in on my little peanut. She’s growing and changing so much and I know you guys much prefer seeing her over anything else on this blog!
I’ve been collecting these posts and pictures, and I keep thinking I need to catch up before I can go forward. (ie. post all of those past adventures and come to the present…except that’s next to impossible and I only keep getting more and more behind!) So I just decided I’d do some rewind type of posts as I can, but I’m starting today fresh, up-to-date!
SO here we are!!
Do you guys have certain experiences that you just dream about having with your kids? I know for me, during those years of TTCing, there were several very specific experiences that I can remember sort of daydreaming about. Almost to the point where I sort of convinced myself that they might not ever happen, and then when they actually DO happen, it feels so surreal.
One of those experiences is the pumpkin patch.
A few years ago, I visited this same huge pumpkin patch with my sister, her two boys, and our cousin and her 2 kids. As much fun as it was for the kids, I remember it being a pretty sad day for me. I remember sort of daydreaming about when I would bring my own child there. For this particular daydream, I envisioned bib overalls and a little plaid shirt, a field full of big orange pumpkins and a giggling little boy.
Well…obviously part of that didn’t happen!
But the day finally came and it was so much fun!
It was a little cold in the morning, but it warmed up later on. Is she not the cutest little pumpkin you’ve ever seen?

Pumpkin Patch Kid

Oink Oink!  Pumpkin Patch Kid

There is a petting zoo and we got to visit the sheep, cows, pigs, ducks, bunnies, llamas, and goats. Wren squealed with delight, she loved them so much!  Pumpkin Patch Kid

Then we got to take a pony ride! She also loooved this! Pumpkin Patch Kid

She looks like she’s falling off, but I promise she wasn’t!  Pumpkin Patch Kid

Then we took a tractor ride out to the patch.  Pumpkin Patch Kid Pumpkin Patch Kid

Sooommmeeebody got a little hungry and decided to taste the mud on the pumpkins!
She completed her little meal with a burp. No jok

Pumpkin Patch Kid Pumpkin Patch Kid Pumpkin Patch Kid

Then a quick ride back, examining her goods:  Pumpkin Patch Kid

And directing the tractor driver. My girl likes to be in charge!  Pumpkin Patch Kid

Then we headed back to pick out some smaller pumpkins. It had gotten warmer. But like any little fashionista, Wren came prepared with an outfit change. {Which came in handy given the mud eating contest.}
Here she is picking out some Wren-sized goodies.  Pumpkin Patch Kid Pumpkin Patch Kid

And she ended the day directing Daddy where to drive her around.
He was more than happy to oblige, I assure you! Pumpkin Patch Kid

It was a truly special day. After a stop off for a Salted Caramel Mocha, we came home to decorate our entryway (still in progress, no doubt) and cuddle.
I’d call that a pretty perfect fall weekend!