Sleep Revisited

Sleep Revisited

I talked a bit about Wren’s sleeping in THIS post and then did an update in THIS post.
I am really happy to report that we’ve really had a great sleep routine ever since. It’s such a great thing to have a peaceful, relaxing routine. Wren loves it, she sleeps through the night, and we get to unwind from about 7:30 on every evening.

That is, until about a month ago. Christmas came and went, I was off work for over 2 weeks, and then she got sick, so I was off even more with her. Her daytime routine was off. She was cutting her final 4 teeth (aside from her 2 year molars) and she was sick.

Not to mention, selfishly, I really like these kinds of naps:Sleep RevisitedSo, as expected, we had a bit of a regression with her sleeping through the night. She formed what we think was a bit of separation anxiety at night, after spending so much time with me during the days. And, I think she also really liked those snuggly naps with Momma!

It got to a point of taking over an hour to get her down at night, plus I wasn’t comfortable with letting her do the CIO method because she was sick and I really did think she had separation anxiety. I am comfortable letting her cry a bit, but not if she is truly in distress, which seemed to be the case when we’d lay her down. She could be dead asleep and then the second you’d put her in bed, she’d realize you were walking away and she would just break your heart with the cries.

We did a bit of research and learned that there’s not a lot you can do when you think it’s separation anxiety. I read that it’s important to keep their routine, to use key words (ours are “Nigh Night” and “Bye Bye”) and to reassure them that you’re right there, that you’ll be back whenever they wake up. We actually read to use the term “Bye Bye” because they know that term and they can actually equate it to something.

So, instead of crying it out, we did a modified routine for a few days and it worked well…

The greatest part was that we stood by her side and rubbed her face, the bridge of her little nose, her hair. It  was a sweet few days. To have her look up at you with those big doe eyes, just checking that you’re still there. It’s enough to melt your heart.

And even more than that, I hosted a Pinterest Party last Sunday and Josh put Wren down.

I will never, as long as I live, forget the moment when I picked up the monitor to check in on them to catch a glimpse of their sweet relationship. Josh was leaned over her, telling her how much he loved her. He was rubbing her face in the most tender way. He was soothing her in a way that only your Daddy can do. I could tell her eyes were locked on his and I stood in the kitchen and just savored that moment while the party went on around me. I am so grateful for their relationship. I’m so grateful she has the Daddy that she does.

I’m happy to report that after returning to our regular schedule of work/daycare and naptimes, she is 100% back to her easy, happy sleep routine. I thought it was worth documenting this to show that there are regressions with CIO, and you have to know your baby. You have to adjust thing sometimes and that’s okay.