The Heart Will Soon Stop Beating

“The Heart Will Soon Stop Beating…”

Those are the worst words an expectant mom could ever hear.
And they’re the ones that I hear Dr. Miracles saying in a continuous loop in my mind.
My baby’s heart will soon stop beating.
I hadn’t yet announced the good news here on the blog, because I think there are a few IRL people who read and I didn’t want the news to get out until we were out of the first trimester. I’ve been making YouTube videos and posting them on my blog Facebook wall.
But yes, we are pregnant.
We found out on New Years Eve at the stroke of midnight.
We were due September 7th.
9 weeks, 3 days. That’s where we should be right now.
We should be rounding out the first trimester.
I should be shopping for Big Sister shirts for Wren.
We should be starting to think about nurseries, names, baby buys.
I should be cleaning out my closet and moving in the maternity wear.
Instead, we’re preparing for another miscarriage.
We are heart broken, but taking comfort and finding smiles through our most miraculous gift. Wren makes this entire process bearable. I find myself nuzzling her little neck and just taking her in. Every funny, quirky little thing about my bird…I am cherishing it.
I made the video below discussing the entire pregnancy up until when we found out we will lose it. The D&C will be next Thursday. In the meantime, the baby inside of me will cease to grow. It’s heart will soon stop beating…