The Truth About Trying {REDBOOK Magazine's Infertility Campaign}

The Truth About Trying {REDBOOK Magazine’s Infertility Campaign}

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I am so excited to share a bold and brave initiative that REDBOOK magazine has taken on. It’s a campaign to open up discussions about infertility. To pull back the curtain. To share stories of hope, to offer support. To let others know that it’s okay to talk about infertility. It’s not shameful. There are thousands of women out there struggling…let’s take the opportunity to come together and offer a sense of community.

Somehow, a journalist came across my little old blog back in June and asked me to be involved. I have been a REDBOOK reader for years, even going back to the days when they had a blog written by various infertiles. So I have always known they supported our community. I was thrilled to take part. They created a blogroll with blogs from all different walks of infertility. I wouldn’t necessarily call mine one of the “best,” but I sure am excited to be included!
They also asked me to make a 3 minute video about what I wish I’d known during our struggle. That can be seen HERE and I am also embedding it below. The goal is to have other women create videos of their own and share them on REDBOOK’s YouTube page. You can do so HERE, and I hope you will.

Finally, there will be a Twitter Party starting at 2:00 PM EST today (Tuesday, Oct. 18th) to talk about infertility. I hope you will all join in if you can. We are going to be using the hashtag #truthabouttrying…I will be there and I hope you will, too! Redbook can be found on Twitter HERE and my Twitter is HERE.

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If you’re visiting my blog from the REDBOOK Magazine article, WELCOME! I’m so honored to be part of a campaign that will hopefully help others to not only find hope for their own journeys, but also maybe give them some tools to share with family and friends. If you are struggling, I am so sorry.
Know that I have been there, and I am here to offer support, answer any questions you might have (particularly for those with PCOS) and share a message of hope.

A little background on us. I’m Christina. I’m married to Josh.
We have a little firecracker named Wren. She will be 1 in less than a month.The Truth About Trying {REDBOOK Magazine's Infertility Campaign}

We struggled with infertility for 3 1/2 years. We lost a baby girl before conceiving Wren. Her name was Mya and she had Down syndrome. We went through 11, 12, maybe more medicated cycles…everything from pills to injectables to acupuncture…timed cycles, IUIs, HSGs (yes-plural…boo!), a hysteroscopy & lap surgery, 2 REs, lots of nurses…
And then we met our beloved Dr. Miracles.
*ting*~*angels sing*~*harps strum*{Yep, he’s that amazing!}
He has a unique way of treating PCOS and you can hear all about it in THIS blog post where I have several videos documenting our long journey to Wren.
We are currently back on the TTC wagon, hoping to make Wren a big sister. Infertility is, and always will be, a huge part of my existence. It changed me. But it made me a better wife and a better mother, so for that I am thankful.
I hope you’ll pull up a seat and stick around. I blog about lots of things…life as a new mom, balancing work and family time, tons of crafting and decor projects, and obviously soon, lots of TTC posts. I also have a YouTube channel that you can check out HERE.
3 1/2 years was a long time. It was difficult, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching at times. But I want you to hear the message in my video below. I want you to know that I look back and am THANKFUL for my journey. I am proud of the mom I am. I can’t wait to share with Wren just how much her dad and I wanted her and how incredibly loved she was long before she was here. I want you to know that one day, you will look back on the journey with a gracious heart. The pain will never go away, but everything you are going through is preparing you for the one special, perfect miracle that awaits.
Know that I am here for you…if you need a friend or a shoulder or just someone to tell you it sucks.
I’m here to offer support and hopefully give you a little bit of hope!