When Can Babies Drink Juice?

When Can Babies Drink Juice?

Taking care of newborn babies is a difficult task. So many questions, and worries parents. The problem of when babies drink water or drink fruit juice is quite good for mothers with a young baby. Especially mothers who are interested in meh for the first time, so please follow this article to learn more about caring for babies.

How many months old baby should let the baby drink water

Absolutely do not give a baby under 6 months to drink water, often until the beginning of the weaning period to start drinking water.

Is it okay for babies to drink water early?

Doctors at the Johns Hopkins baby pediatric center in Baltimore, USA, recommend “babies should not drink water under 6 months old”.

When babies drink water at the age of 0-6 months, water poisoning can occur which can be life-threatening.

Do not be afraid that your baby is thirsty because in fact. At this stage, breast milk is the source of nutritious food and the amount of milk that provides the necessary amount of water for the baby. So there is no need to provide more water for the baby young.  

Why not let baby under 6 months old drink water

At this stage, the baby’s new function is still very weak. Therefore, babies who drink a lot of water can make them have to release themselves, reducing the amount of sodium in the body.

If you give your baby extra milk, avoid diluting the formula, follow the prepared formula to help your baby develop more comprehensively.

Baby under 6 months of age with constipation should be treated from their mothers. Mothers should eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, and mothers should drink plenty of water. 

At 6 months, babies are exclusively breastfed, so they have enough nutrients and water in the body. Therefore, there’s no need for babies to drink more water.

If the baby feels thirsty, the mother should breastfeed immediately to meet the baby’s water needs.

The appropriate stage for baby to drink water and the amount of water needed for their bodies?

Often entering the weaning stage we need to provide more water for the baby’s body, and usually at the age of 6 months, babies start to practice weaning so we can give them water from this stage.

Need to provide just enough water for the baby not to drink too much water because it can cause water poisoning in the baby.

The amount of water to be provided to the baby at each stage is: 

  • From 0-6 months of age: Breastfeed exclusively on breastmilk or drink extra formula milk.
  • Stage 6-12: Breast milk and formula milk and about 120-180ml of fruit juice, white water of about 240ml / day.
  • Learning to walk: This stage should also provide adequate water for the baby and should give baby more fruit juice and fruit.

When to let the baby drink fruit juice

Should babies drink juice between 0 and 6 months of age?

Baby should not drink juice at this stage because it can cause diarrhea and constipation in the baby.

Drinking baby juice can make babies bored with milk, giving up milk makes them not enough nutrition.

A good time for baby to drink juice

When a baby is at weaning time, his digestive system is more developed, so he can give more juice to fruits.

At first, let the baby drink little by little, if the baby likes to drink and does not show signs of vomiting, vomiting, we can gradually increase the amount of water needed for the baby.

In the period from 8 months of age, the baby can drink juice while eating more cut fruits, or fruit from sugar or milk.

The note when baby drink fruit juice

When babies drink fruit juice, they should monitor their reactions. If they have allergies, they should stop drinking water immediately, if they do not like to drink, do not force the baby to drink.

Do not let the baby drink juice in a bottle because sucking in the mouth can easily cause tooth decay, preferably by a cup.

Each day should only be given to baby from 1-2 glasses, not for baby to drink much because now if they drink a lot, they may cause anorexia and anorexia.

So you know when the baby needs to drink water and drink fruit juice already. Good luck.