Wren's Bathroom Makeover

Wren’s Bathroom Makeover

When we moved into this house, Wren’s bathroom was all beige with a horrible black and silver striped shower curtain. We knew that we’d want to update the bathroom before she moved from her baby tub (which we kept downstairs in the laundry room for ease of use).

For Wren’s Valentine’s Day gift last year, my sister asked if she could do the bathroom. I was so excited! We shopped all around and finally settled on this adorable shower curtain from Target, and then my sister spent a whole day painting the entire bathroom.Wren's Bathroom Makeover After she painted, it still took several months to get it all together because I waited for specific things to come together. I found these adorable Children Inspire Design pictures on Zulily for a great price. They went so well with the forest theme on the shower curtain that I just couldn’t pass them up.Wren's Bathroom MakeoverThe shower curtain, striped towels and the bathmats are all from Target, though I’m pretty sure they don’t carry the shower curtain anymore. Wren's Bathroom MakeoverI found this mirror at a great little thrift store last spring. It was all gold (see below) and I happened to have some paint left over from when we painted our living room, so I used that to spruce up the mirror. Prior to this, there was just a big standard square mirror on the wall…I think the mirror really makes the room! Wren's Bathroom MakeoverLove those details: Wren's Bathroom MakeoverThis cabinet is just a standard cabinet and was hanging in the bathroom when we bought the house. It used to be white, so I just used the same brown to make it go with the colors better. Wren's Bathroom MakeoverI added these sweet drawer pulls from Cost Plus World Market.

I love these pictures because whenever we get done with bathtime, Wren and I go through and point to all the different animals on the wall and on the shower curtain. It’s really helped her to point out specific animals. Wren's Bathroom MakeoverI searched forever trying to find some coordinating sink accessories, but it was nearly impossible. I actually found the brown cup in the back on an endcap at Target for $3. Then I found the toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and trashcan at Kohl’s. Wren's Bathroom Makeover Wren's Bathroom MakeoverThese are also from Children Inspire Design and came with a packet that I used in Wren’s playroom. Wren's Bathroom Makeover

Wren loves her bathroom! For the most part, she really likes bathtime. Granted, she doesn’t love getting her hair and ears wet, but she thinks splashing is the funnies thing ever.

Check out my little bitty’s long locks!: Wren's Bathroom MakeoverAnd I just love this picture too much not to share. Crazy girl with some crazy hair!! Wren's Bathroom MakeoverAs I mentioned before, I did some work to the mirror and the cabinet. Here’s what they looked like before: Wren's Bathroom Makeover Wren's Bathroom MakeoverAlso, for anyone interested, I did a video tour on my vlog…if you want a closer look at things, here’s that video: